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We are a group of collectors interested in studying minerals in their natural unmodified state, which also includes learning about where and how they are found, how they were formed in the ground, and how they can be extracted from the rocks that shelter and conceal them. Our members range from “pepple pups” just starting their collections to experienced amateur mineralogists whose breadth of knowledge serves as the backbone of the Study Section’s resources. We also have a library that contains mineral-related books, magazines, and articles available for study and research.

Welcome to the home page of the HGMS Mineral Section. We are dedicated to sharing with others our interest in rocks, minerals, and gem crystals. As a group, we continually research and study how they form, where they can be found, and why they are in a particular place. In addition, we also share and provide the best techniques to collect, clean, and preserve any specimens that are recovered. We range from “pebble pups” (those just beginning to collect) all the way to experienced amateur mineralogists and professional geologists. We are also backed by a library that contains a large and varied collection of mineral-related books, magazines, and articles available for study and research.

We as individual members have large and varied collections, portions of which are usually on exhibit at the annual HGMS Show. Some of our members have won awards for their specimens at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society annual show. We have members with wide-ranging interests–from those who specialize in “micromounts” (small specimens best seen under a microscope) to others that collect larger sizes of specimens. Many of us specialize in a particular location or group of minerals. Our current group has extensive collections of specimens from the United States (Texas, Arkansas, Colorado, Michigan, Missouri, and Illinois) as well as worldwide localities (Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, China, and Namibia) just to name a few. There are also collections of specific minerals or mineral groups such as calcite, quartz, fluorite, native metals, phosphate minerals, zeolites, and fluorescent minerals. When it comes to mineral specimens, if you can name it, someone in our Section probably has it! No matter what we collect, the one thing we have in common as a group is a distinct appreciation for each other’s collecting preferences and techniques.

Our meetings are always a fun and informative experience! There is always time for show ‘n tell, whether it is a member showing off their recent acquisition, or a guest coming for the first time to have a specimen identified. Each meeting we have a fantastic presentation given by individual members who speak on interesting mineral localities, mineral species or groups, or who discuss recent field trips and shows. Every year after the Tucson Show, we gather to hear the tales of those lucky enough to have gone to this largest of all mineral shows. In the summer, we typically have workshops to prepare for the upcoming annual show, to assemble educational kits, and to teach techniques such as specimen identification and cleaning. Once a year we have an auction with donations from members and local dealers to raise funds for our Section. This auction is a lively affair, and features good specimens at fair prices.

We sincerely welcome new members to our Section meetings to support a friendly and respectful learning environment for people of all experience levels who are interested in expanding and sharing their knowledge about the vast world of minerals and crystals. Our meetings are held the first and third Wednesdays of each month at 7:30 p.m. We hope to see you soon!

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HGMS Mineral Section
HGMS Mineral Section
HGMS Mineral Section