Join us! Membership in the HGMS entitles you to work in the shop–after you have received instruction in proper use of the equipment. You will receive the award-winning Backbender’s Gazette every month, and you may attend any Section meeting that interests you, take classes (for a fee), attend our social functions, PLUS receive e-mail notification of current HGMS activities. (Only members may be on our e-mail list, and we do not give or sell our e-mail list to anyone.)

Membership categories:

Lifetime Membership: This membership can be purchased for $500.00 per adult, and he or she will have all the rights and privileges of adult membership including the right to make motions, vote, and hold office. Lifetime Members shall pay no further membership dues or Federation dues.

Youth: Ages 5 through 17.  If in January of the current year, the youth is not yet 18, he or she may continue as a Youth member for the duration of that year. Parent or guardian is not required to also be a member but must be present during Youth meetings where the minor is participating.
Single Adult: Age 18 and over
Couple: Any two people who represent themselves as a couple to the public
Family: Any couple, single parent, or guardian and their children between the ages of 5 and 18

Eligibility for Family Membership:
Children of any age who still live at home due to special needs or who are totally dependent on their parent(s) or guardian for care. Family Membership does not cover extended family such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. even if they live in the home.

Membership fees:

Single Adult: $40 Couple: $60 Youth: $25 Family: $75 Individual Adult Lifetime: $500

New members who join in the first half of the year will pay full price for the year’s membership. New members who join after July 1 pay half-price for the remainder of the year. We also offer a Show Special which gives membership for the remainder of the year plus the entire next year for the price of one year’s membership. The Show Special is available from October 1 to the end of the year.

Whether you are joining for the first time or renewing your membership, the entire process–including paying your dues–now can be done online. Fill out the form below and make your selections (those items with a red asterisk are mandatory). Click on the Submit button (under the Badge(s) section) to send your information to the Membership Chair. Please be aware that Badges will take a few weeks to manufacture. To pay by PayPal, select your membership option and click on the Add to Cart button. Or if you wish to pay by check, Download our membership form, fill it out on the computer, print and sign it, and mail it with your dues to the HGMS address shown on the form. You’ll get access to our fully equipped rock/gem/jewelry/fossil prep workshops, a monthly subscription to the award-winning Backbender’s Gazette, and the opportunity to participate in our great field trips. It is a bargain.

Please fill out and submit the Membership Form below. Then you may Pay Online or opt to Mail a Check

 You must fill out the Membership Form regardless of method of payment

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