Houston Gem & Mineral Society Field Trips

The Houston Gem and Mineral Society goes on as many field trips as possible. We have cooperative field trips with the Clear Lake Gem and Mineral Society and anyone else who wants to organize one. The primary focus of most of our trips is for paleontology items because fossils are much more prevalent in the eastern half of Texas than anything else, but there are sometimes trips out to the Texas hill country for topaz, Llanite, and other minerals. Some of our fossil sites are as close as the Brazos River or Waco, and some have been as far away as the phosphate pits in North Carolina.

Field trips are announced on the club email blast. You must be a member of HGMS to be put on that email list.

Mike Dawkins is the field trip leader for the club and for the Paleo Section. The field trip email addresses are field_trips@hgms.org and hgms.trips1@gmail.com as some emails are sometimes rejected by the HGMS server.

All people going on HGMS-sponsored trips must be a paid-up member of HGMS, and they must sign an Assumption_of_Risk form each calendar year. (If the form initially appears quite small, click on it to enlarge.)

The club does not charge for field trips, but sometimes the sites we visit charge an entrance fee.

Join the club, and join us for a field trip.

Past Field Trips

Field Trip Resources

Houston Building Stones Walking Tourguide and map

Middle Eocene, Clairborne Group, Stone City Member at Whiskey Bridge at the Brazos River:

Whiskey Bridge Eocene marine fossils
Locality info
Fossil Guide
Outcrop Guide
Collection Cards
Teachers Guide
Article on the site by Dr. Yancy
Squid Beaks explained by Dr. Yancy

Pennsylvanian, Finis Shale, Jacksboro spillway: Article by Lobza, Schieber, and Nestell on the geology of the spillway

Pennsylvanian, Winchell fm, Lake Brownwood spillway: Ph. D Thesis by Christie Lynn Schneider

Permian, Arroyo Fm, Seymour, Tx, HMNS dig site: Xenacanth shark coproliteXenacanth shark cartilage

Wilson Clay Pit, Brown County: Shark Cartilage

Eocene Petrified Wood: Snakewood reference article

Jasper/Sam Rayburn Reservoir Locality Description: Jasper Miocene Wood, GCAGS, 2008

Sunday Bennett collecting a gravel of Pentremites and corals
Sunday Bennett collecting a gravel of Pentremites and corals
Kevin Durney demolishing a boulder
Kevin Durney demolishing a boulder