Mineral and Fossil School Rock Sets and Annual Show Rock Sets

by Neal “Educational Elf” Immega and Steve Blyskal (Chairman School Collections Committee)

One of the crown jewels of the club is our program for making earth science teaching sets for schools. Who better to create “jewels” than a gem and mineral society? The idea is that when one of the HGMS members gives a talk at a school, the member can use a collection of rocks, minerals, or fossils and LEAVE it behind! If an HGMS member gives such a talk on one or two sets at a school, the set or sets on which the member talks will be left behind with the teacher.

Each set includes a listing of the minerals or fossils included in the set and a descriptive handout about the materials or fossils in the set that can be used for additional teaching aids.

The sets that can be taken to a school are listed in the left-hand column below. The right-hand column is a list of those sets made up specifically for teachers who come to the show on Kids’ Day (the Friday of our annual 3-day show) for the School Daze Earth Science Program.  Click on the various components of a set to see those items.