Lapidary and Silversmithing Section

Welcome to the Lapidary and Silversmithing Section Home Page!

Who we are
The Lapidary and Silversmithing Section of the Houston Gem and Mineral Society meets the third Monday of every month–except December–at 7:30 p.m. Members of the Section are interested in the working of stone and metal into finished works of art, craft, and jewelry. This Section includes beginners, experts, and every level in between. The Shop in the clubhouse has all the tools you might need to get started, and expert advice is never in short supply. Don’t have a rock to get started? No problem, we have starter rocks too. Most students begin with making cabochons, oval shapes with flat backs usually composed of opaque semiprecious stones. The rules for cabochon making are provided as part of the Recognition of Lapidary Excellence Program (ROLE). Lapidary Templates that were designed by Section members are offered for sale by the Section.

What we do
Members can share their skills and gain insight into all areas of lapidary and silversmithing. Members suggest desired projects, skills wanted, tool use, demonstrations, etc. Members can learn by doing in well-equipped classrooms. All the resources of the clubhouse are at the command of the Section during the monthly meeting. Visitors are welcome to observe. Some past projects or activities include metal work such as fabrication with silver, stone setting, riveting, tool making, metal texturing, and use of the rolling mill and torches. Future programs are posted as they become known.

Field Trips
Field trips are planned far in advance. Destinations are usually of interest to rockhounds who wish to collect in the field. Petrified wood, agates, jaspers, and crystals have been collected in past trips.

Ribbon Agate Cabochon
Made by HGMS member

Check out this 25 lb boulder of Big SurĀ jade!

Lapidary Templates for sale - Pay Online!

Click here to see available templates and prices.

Templates are used to create stones of calibrated size.

Template #2: 1 x 1 Tongue
PMC (Precious Metal Clay) leaves
Ocean Jasper cab by Ron Talhelm
Crazy Lace Agate pendant