HGMS Classes

Learn wonderful new skills that will provide a lifetime process to mastery of your chosen craft. At various times, we offer a variety of classes as listed below.

All classes are held at the HGMS Clubhouse located at 10805 Brooklet at Rockley. Full payment must be sent at the time of registration to guarantee a place in the class.

You can look at our current class offerings on this page. If you do not find a class to your liking, feel free to suggest an event and the education chair will do his best to help coordinate a class. Please email class@hgms.org, or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

HGMS does not require membership for most classes. For further information, contact classes@hgms.org

Past Classes:

Polymer Clay Class

April 22nd from 1 pm to 3 pm.

The cost is $30.00. Class seats 20 people

Jim Paras Instructing

Byzantine Chainmail

May 6th from 1pm to 5pm.

Cost is $75 each. Class seats 6 students.

Karen Burns Instructing.

Classes Which Will Be Offered in the Future

Cabochon Forming Class

  • Orient a stone for cutting
  • Choosing a shape for the stone
  • Attaching a stone for polishing
  • Grinding and polishing a stone
  • Examining a stone between steps for best polish
Imperial Jasper Cabochon by Ron Talhelm
Chrysacola Cabochons by Ron Talhelm

Casting Class

  • Make patterns in wax
  • Use lost wax casting to create a mold
  • Prepare flask for final casting
  • Burnout and casting the mold
  • Cleaning and polishing the cast item
Wax model in blue wax, and casting in silver

Chain Maille Bracelet Class

  • Learn the importance of using appropriate wire gauge and jump-ring diameter
  • Learn the technique of creating chain maille bracelets
  • Take home a finished piece
Bracelet by Karen Burns

Chasing and Repoussé

  • Creating designs on metal sheets
  • Use repoussé  (hammering from the reverse side) to create shapes and forms using steel punches and a hammer
  • Use chasing (texturing with punches and hammers) to refine the shape, form, and texture of the object
Example of chasing and repousse'

Dichroic Glass Class

  • Learn the basics of cutting, piecing, and firing dichroic glass
  • Learn how to tack partial and full fuse dichroic glass cabochons
  • Learn three different bail techniques
  • You will take home some finished pieces
Pendant of Dichroic Glass

Enameling Class

  • Learn how to fuse fine glass powder on either copper or fine silver
  • Learn how to use a kiln to fire the piece
Enamel on silver by HGMS member

Beginning Jewelry Fabrication

  • Learn how to several methods of making jewelry using sheet metals, tube, and bezel material.
  • Learn how to prep metal and solder materials together
  • Various topics covered including making bezels, prongs, polishing, antiquing, stamping, texturing.
  • Also learn about making rings, earrings, pins, brooches, and pendants.
  • By the end of the class you will have about 3 finished pieces of jewelry. 2 of which being your own design
Working with a torch

Precious Metal Clay (PMC)

  • Learn how to shape, dry, fire, polish and patina PMC
  • Take home possibilities include pendants or earrings of your own handcrafting

Other PMC Classes available:

PMC– Leaf or Fossil Pendants

  • Similar to the intro class, but focuses on hand crafted leaf or fossil pendants

PMC– Pendant with Fired-in-place Gems

  • Also like the intro class but focuses on adding dichroic glass cabochons and gemstones

Solderless Pendant Class

Also like the intro class but focuses on adding dichroic glass cabochons and gemstones

Precious Metal Clay with inset gem

Beginning Wire Wrap Jewelry Class

Learn how to use wire of various shapes and sizes to wrap standard cabochons

Arizona Opal Wire Wrap by Angela Fowler

Advanced Wire Wrap Jewelry Class

  • Learn how to use wire of various shapes and sizes to wrap different cabochons.
  • Adds more advanced techniques to the skills of the beginners class
Plume Agate Wire Wrap by Angela Fowler
Boulder Opal and topaz Wire Wrap by Angela Fowler