One of the main objectives of the HGMS is to raise awareness of Earth Science and Lapidary Arts education in the Greater Houston area. To this end, HGMS is proud to offer two scholarships (the first is a general scholarship and the second is a Paleontology Section scholarship focused specifically on paleontology). The general HGMS scholarship is to a student majoring in an Earth Science or a Lapidary Arts curriculum. The applicant must have completed his or her sophomore year in a four-year college or university or be transferring into such college or university after successfully completing the course of study offered by a two-year Texas college. The scholarship will be awarded based upon merit. Only one HGMS scholarship may be awarded to any one student. A student is not barred from receiving both the HGMS scholarship and the Paleontology Section scholarship, but both scholarships cannot be received in the same school year.

Download the form: HGMS-EarthScienceScholarship