K-12 School Earth Science Program at the HGMS Annual Show

At a time when the Earth Sciences are losing emphasis in our state’s K-12 curricula, HGMS is committed to supporting teachers with materials, information and activities to engage students of all levels in Earth Science education. We have two earth science programs: School Daze is a TEKS-based earth science scavenger hunt that is held on the Friday of our annual show, and the Scout Geology Merit Badge is a program offered on the Saturday of our show which meets all but the field studies requirements for the Boy Scouts and exceeds the requirements for Girl Scout and Webelo patches or belt loops.

Invitation letter to all educators: School Daze teacher letter

General information about our program: School Daze General Information

Bus routes for public/private schools to drop off their classes: HGMS School Bus Route

Public/Private School Registration
This form is for public and private schools. Please send us the following information so we may prepare for the arrival of your class.
(Note: Please abide by normal ratio of 1:5 for lower grades, 1:8 for higher grades)
Public/Private School times are 9:00 - 12:30, subject to schedule availability. Due to overcrowding in the early morning hours, we request that any school which is able (particularly the private schools who may have more flexible schedules) to please schedule their arrivals for late morning (10:30 onward). The 9:00, 9:30, and 10:00 arrival times are the most requested and therefore the most crowded and will reach their cutoffs the quickest.
(One kit per class of 20 please; maximum three kits per school.)
Home School Registration
This form is for homeschools. Please send us the following information so we may prepare for the arrival of your students.
Show hours: 9-6. Home School arrival hours 1-3. Public and private schools attend in the morning. Please schedule on the 1/2 hour starting at 1:00, i.e. 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, or 3:00
(Please note that rock sets are limited to one per 20 registered students with a maximum of three sets per home school group)

School Rock Set Descriptions


For additional information, please contact:

Public/private school registrar: elsa-hgms@att.net

Home school registrar: fossilwood@comcast.net

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