Scout Geology Merit Badge

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Taught at the Houston Gem and Mineral Society Annual Show

The HGMS leverages its extensive earth science resources to teach almost all of the requirements for the Boy Scout Geology Merit Badge at our Annual Show. Some badge options require field work which are not included because the program is contained within our show. We teach general geology and basic rock types, properties of minerals and fossils, the economic uses of minerals, types of geoscience careers and requirements to enter this profession, and we start the Scout on acquiring their mineral/fossil collection (the remainder can easily be obtained at the show).

The Girl Scouts and Webelos both have earth science patches, pins and/or belt loops. The Girl Scout patch was created by the HGMS Education Committee; patches can be purchased for $1.50 after completing the program. Both the Girl Scout and Webelos requirements are met and exceeded by the Boy Scout Geology Merit Badge, thus this program is all-inclusive of other Scout groups.

However, for the Scout to be able to understand the material taught, we request that they be in or have completed 5th grade, at which time public school curricula includes basic earth science. This means this material is not appropriate for younger Cub Scouts and Brownie Girl Scouts.

Download our flier: Scout Geology Merit Badge flier 2017


  • Scout badge program is free with show admission
  • Tickets are available at the door: $8, children 10 and under free
  • Sessions begin on the hour from 10 AM to 3 PM on November 11
  • RSVP required—first come, first served (limited to 50 Scouts per session)
  • Scouts are provided with 5 mineral specimens for their collection
  • Additional minerals and fossils may be purchased at show
  • Learn about the three types of rocks:
    • Igneous
    • Sedimentary
    • Metamorphic
  • Learn the basic properties of minerals
  • Learn field methods and safety
  • Learn the economic uses of minerals
  • Learn what a fossil is
  • Learn about geoscience careers
  • Begin your own rock and mineral collection

Sessions meet requirements for:

  • Boy Scout Geology Merit Badge (Mineral Resources Option)
  • Webelos Geologist Pin
  • HGMS Geology Patch for Girl Scouts


  • Bring a bag to hold specimens and a pencil for writing
  • Instruction includes presentations, activities, and access to materials and experts at show
  • Program begins with 3 classes (stations) taught by the HGMS that last an hour. Following that, the Scout proceeds to the remaining 5 stations throughout the show
  • Allow 2–3 hours for the program and extra time for visiting the show
Scout Geology Merit Badge Registration
Scout programs start at the top of the hour between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

For additional information contact Show Chair Scott Singleton (832-524-8382 |